All people who learn to cook always start with preparing a specific meal. Thus, for beginners, one of their major problems is choosing a meal that they should prepare as they start their journey with the art of cooking. Fortunately, some chefs offer advice regarding the meals that aspiring cooks should try preparing first.


Preparing this meal allows people to practice controlling temperature and using butter without burning it. Moreover, they become familiarized with the concept of caramelization. When preparing their first grilled cheese sandwich with fried egg, aspiring cooks should use white bread and American cheese.

  1. PIZZA

People should not be afraid to get dirty when cooking. Thus, they should not be afraid to make pizza. They can use bread, pasta, gnocchi, or dumpling dough. Though cooking pizza can mess up the kitchen very badly, it can be a very fun activity.


Beginners should also try cooking risotto but they should take note to use hot stock and cook risotto for no more than 20 minutes. In cooking risotto, people should be very attentive to detail.


People can roast chicken with basic roasting pan along with potatoes and root vegetables. Large pieces of root vegetables should be cut into smaller piece in order to cook them evenly. Ideally, chicken is roasted for 50 minutes to 1 hour. Before roasting the chicken, people should rub the meat with the right seasonings and place some herbs, such as thyme or rosemary, inside. Sea salt and cracked pepper should also not be forgotten. Meanwhile, some people also squeeze oranges or lemons on the outside before rubbing the seasonings.


Everyone likes pasta, that is why preparing spaghetti and carbonara is perfect for those are just starting to cook. Preparing such kind of meals only requires only a few ingredients but requires a lot of steps. Still, these pasta meals can be prepared within 10–12 minutes.


Making apple pie requires skills in peeling, removing seeds, and monitoring the apples. Moreover, people will also learn how to follow a recipe, understand important things about the fruit, and ensure that the pie’s crust turn flaky. In addition, the good thing with cooking apple pie is that people can still eat the food even when they fail to make a perfectly looking pie.


People may use branzino or trout for roasting because they are easily cooked. They should just wait until the dorsal fin pulls right out.


Cooking cream-based soup only requires basic ingredients, such as garlic, onions, vegetables; chicken stock, vegetable stock, or water; and cream and butter. However, people should focus on the amount of salt that they add and the taste of the soup.


Marshmallows should be enough to entice people to try baking. Preparing marshmallows starts with mixing corn syrup, sugar and water. The mixture is then boiled to 250 degrees then cooled to 212 degrees afterward. After cooling, the mixture is poured onto standing mixer with gelatin, whipped, and poured into brownie pan. Then, after cooling, the resulting marshmallow is cut into desired shapes.


Knowing how to prepare garden salad is important for anyone who is learning to cook. In relation to this skill, beginners should learn how to prepare a really good vinaigrette. Vinaigrette can be prepared by pounding a fresh clove of garlic in a mortar and pestle, adding some salt and good quality vinegar, and whisking in olive oil, salt, fresh cracked pepper, and diced shallot.