At some point in their lives, most people will try their hands at cooking. However, most people also end up making a mess of themselves. Still, despite hardships in cooking, they should not stop learning how to prepare meals with their own hands. Over time, people will sure learn all the necessary skills that can help them in cooking dishes that appeal to their palate. For the mean time, it will be of great help if they become aware of the mistakes that they should avoid while in the kitchen


After spending significant amount of time to cook a dish, most beginners will be dying to take a bit of the food that they have prepared. Normally, as soon as the meat is pulled out from the oven, people will proceed right away with cutting the meat and taking a bite for themselves.

However, people then sense that something’s wrong with the food as soon as the meat reaches their tongue. This is because they let the juices out from the meat when they cut it.

That is why food is let to set for five minutes before eating. When cooking, the juice inside the meat boils from the inside outward. Moreover, the muscle cells also contract, resulting in squeezing out of juices.

On the other hand, after removing the meat from the heat, it is still being cooked for a few minutes while the heat inside and outside get balanced. While the meat is let to stand after cooking, balancing of heat peaks, and meat muscles begin to relax. In this stage, the juice gets soaked up again and results in more flavorful dish.

Thus, for those who have tried eating meat immediately after cooking it, they possibly noticed that the meat was drier and contained less juice. In their next cooked meals, people should leave their roast for 15 to 20 minutes on top of turned-off stove and cover it with foil to prevent the heat from escaping. Meanwhile, smaller cuts of steak or chicken should only be cooled for 5 to 10 minutes.


One of the most common errors of people who learn to cook is using too much heat in cooking. In normal cases, people tend to use high heat because they are in a rush to do other things.

When using high heat in cooking, people will easily think that their food is already cooked. However, as soon as they take a bite, they will notice that the inside of the meat is still pink and raw.

What people who learn to cook are not aware of is that only a handful of meals are cooked in high heat. These meals include high-end pan-seared steaks, such as T-bone and New York strip, and flash-fried sides, including zucchini. However, with foods such as chicken, people should avoid using high heat in cooking.

Meanwhile, some foods, such as eggs, easily get burned. Thus, for beginners, using medium to medium-high heat enables them to control their cooking. Lower heat is preferred in because it allows to cooking of food in evenly manner.

Using high in cooking also causes formation of burnt crusts on the pan, and the person cooking end up having a hard time in washing the pan.


Beginners in cooking tend to think that all pans are just the same. However, there are different pans that are used in cooking different types of meals, and people should be aware of this fact. For instance, cast iron skillet can be used in high fires but non-stick frying pans will only get burned. In a similar case, searing off and frying potatoes in frying pan is effective but not in a big pot for boiling water.

People should only choose utensils with sizes that are apt for the amount of food that they want to cook. They need not to use a very large pot to cook pasta meals for one.


A lot of people think that using different herbs and spices is the key to adding flavors to cooked meals. However, the proper way of using spices is practicing restraint on the amount put into dishes.

Though may be tempted to buy a whole rack of spices, they should still focus on the good ingredients. Seasonings are only used to enhance the flavor of the food. Moreover, using too much of them can only mess up the food that people are cooking.


In a number of cases, people are just too unfortunate to mess what they are cooking. In other situations, they are not sure whether to flip or not the meat on their pans. However, with enough practice, people will eventually learn when to flip their food or when the meat on the pan already has the right color. They should also not panic when their food starts sizzling in the pan. The way a food sounds in the pan provides a great deal of information while it is being cooked. Recognizing the sound of food while cooking is no easy task but people should not give up in their journey in cooking.