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Cooking can be a scary thing to do for some individuals. This fear entails the thought of learning complex and hard-to-cook recipes. However, unbeknownst to a number of people, cooking delicious meals can be achieved by learning cook techniques that are quite easy to learn. Some these techniques are as follows:


Pasta is fairly easy to prepare. Preparation of pasta should start with filling a large pot with two-thirds water. More water prevents pasta from sticking to the pan while cooking. Then, one teaspoon of salt should be added with every gallon of water used. After adding the salt, the stove should be turned on and set to high fire. The pot is next placed on the stove and heated until the water starts boiling. As soon as water boils, pasta is then added to the pot. To know when they should start adding the pasta to the pot, people should stir the water and observe when the bubbles no longer go away. One pound of pasta is then added to the pot and cooked for 8–12 minutes.

After 8 minutes, the pasta can be checked to see whether the noodles are already cooked. This step can be accomplished by biting a firm noodle and checking whether the inside is slightly soft and chewy. After boiling the pasta, a colander is placed on the sink and pasta and water are poured out from the pot.


Cutting vegetables requires the use of large cutting board. However, vegetables should be washed and dried first. The non-dominant hand is used for holding the vegetable. A knife with a clean edge should be used for hard vegetables, whereas serrated ones are normally used for breads.

When cutting, the vegetable is placed on the cutting board, whereas the fingers holding it are curved with the nails touching the vegetable; this ensures that the food remains steady on the cutting board. People should avoid laying their fingers flat to avoid cutting themselves.

Meanwhile, the dominant hand is used for holding the knife. The knife is gripped with the index finger on the top, non-blade side; the thumb should be found on one side of the handle, whereas the middle, ring, and pinky fingers are placed on the other side. Downward motion of the knife is used to slice the vegetable. The vegetable is moved using the non-dominant hand.


Sauteing meat is an effective technique for preparing moist and delicious entrees efficiently. In sautéing, a large, wide-rimmed and heavy-bottomed pan should be used. As a tip, people are discouraged from using non-stick pans. Sautéing starts with heating the pan to medium-high. Then, they should check the pan’s heat by placing their hand two inches from the surface. The pan is hot enough when they can only place their hand over the pan for a moment. After heating the pan, olive oil is added and allowed to heat before addition of the meat.

The meat should be dry enough before placing them on the pan. Dryness increases the chances of cooking meat with crisp crust. The meat is added to the pan with heat oil. People should be careful not to place too much meat on their pans. While cooking, people should wait until one side turns brown before they flip the meat. The same step is also done on the other side.


For breakfast, people love to eat fluffy and lightly scrambled eggs. The key to cooking such ideal food is by using the right type of pan and mixing the eggs just-so before cooking. First, the eggs are cracked, and all the contents are placed in a large mixing bowl. Then, the eggs are mixed by mixer or with a whisk. People should be careful when using a hand mixer. To make their eggs creamier, people may add milk to their eggs.

After mixing the eggs, a non-stick pan is heated to medium-high temperature. A piece of butter is melted into the pan before the eff mixture is added. After setting on the pan, people can use plastic spatula to break the eggs apart while cooking.


Stir-fries are very easy to prepare and can be used for preparing healthy meals. Before stir-frying, people should prepare all their ingredients first. The ingredients are then cooked quickly under high heat. Stir-frying requires the use of a wok or wide-bottomed non-stick pans.

Meat and vegetables are first cut into bit-sized pieces. Then, canola oil is added to the heated pan at high heat. Tossing a bread crumb can be used to check the hotness of the pan; when the crumb starts sizzling, meat ingredients are added to the pan and cooked until they turn brown. Then, the meat is removed and vegetables are added next to the pan. People should remember to only cook the vegetables for a couple of minutes. After cooking the vegetables, the meat is placed on the pan again, and soy sauce or hoisin is added for flavor. Stir fries are normally served over rice.


Slow cookers are perfect those without experience in cooking. All ingredients can be poured into the pot in just one go and people can have a good meal when they come home. However, using slow cooker is not without its downsides. Slow cooking may remove all flavor from the ingredients placed in it. Meanwhile, meats may become mushy when they are cooked too long in slow cookers.