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Sewing Vintage Aprons is a book of vintage styled aprons that the readers may opt to sew for themselves. The book comes with a number of patterns like the vintage ones, the quilted over-mitt patterns, the quilted table runner pattern, the quilted place-mat pattern and other vintage recipes that may appeal to the readers.


Readers will have no trouble creating their own apron because the patterns are labelled clearly and the instruction are very helpful and easy to follow. Furthermore, the book presents very eye-catching images aside from the unique ideas that it provides regarding sewing aprons. There’s also an extra section that is filled with some recipes like the one for making cookies without baking.


Some people found tracing the patterns from the book a bit tedious since it would require lots of preparation and large sheets of tracing paper.


Denise Clason is an artist/designer known for her works in craft making, decorative painting, sewing, and quilting. In addition to Sewing Vintage Aprons, Clason also penned the books New Country Quilting and Quilted Bags & Totes.