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The Apron Book is a book guide about aprons, from the oldest ones up to the most current that are being produced nowadays. The book comes with full-color photos of the newest up to the oldest aprons that the author possesses in her home. In addition, there are also discussions regarding the four basic apron styles, the variations in their designs, and some stories that the author experienced with her traveling apron exhibit. There’s also an additional section regarding the time when aprons were setting trends in most homes and how they still play a vital role in the various corners of people’s homes.


The book gives the readers a sense of nostalgia as they browse the book and relive the times when wearing apron had been almost like breathing oxygen in. Moreover, people are given the opportunity to make their own apron and express their creativity in making them with the very clear and easy to follow instructions that are mentioned in the book. Not only will the readers be filled with ecstasy as they picture the stories told by the author, they are also sure to gain considerable amount of knowledge regarding aprons and the very important roles that they played in peoples’ lives.


Some readers were not impressed with the apron designs presented in the book. Others claimed that that some of the book’s contents are incorrect and were not well-researched. And even though the book had some stories to tell, no one seems to know most of them except the author.


The book offers very useful tidbits of information regarding the art of apron making, accompanied by vintage illustrations and funny stories from the author. Moreover, the book serves in reviving one vital thing that has been a part of many households throughout the years, the apron.


Aside from being an author and managing the traveling apron exhibit, Ellyn Anne Geisel is also an apron designer. In fact, a number of her creation have already made appearances in Vogue magazine and fortunately have also been worn by Bree in Desperate Housewives. The author also appeared in NPR’s All Things Considered and CBS News’ Sunday Morning.